Pests in North Texas come in all different shapes and sizes. So do the methods of treating them. All of our services are customized to fit the problems you have. That is why every service begins with a thorough inspection. After the inspection we will determine the best products and application methods for your particular situation.

It is time to protect your family and your property from dangerous and destructive pests.

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At  Anglers Pest Control we specialize in:

• Roaches

• Fire Ants

• Ants

• Scorpions

• Ticks

• Silverfish

• Rats

• Wasps

• Mice

• Crickets

• Spiders

• Carpenter Ants

• Termites

• Fleas

Our Pest Control Services are designed with your family in mind. Our first objective is to resolve any pest control problems you have outside your home before the pest get inside. 90% of all pest problems can be resolved outside. This is one way, we limit your exposure to pesticides. After the outside work is done we will attack any problems you may have inside.
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