The Two Most Common Mistakes

Do not go to the store and buy a bunch of aerosol bombs and attack them. All of the aerosol foggers contain repellent insecticides which will send the bugs deep into hiding. You will kill a few, but many more will travel deep into cracks and crevices and hide until it is safe to come back out. This can make finding them much more difficult and much more costly to control. Second, do not start throwing away your furniture. In most cases we can save your furniture.

So What Should You Do?

Call a professional immediately. Early detection and treatment are the most important aspects to resolving a Bed Bug infestation as fast and cost effectively as possible. With that said, not all extermination companies are prepared to handle a Bed Bug infestation. Bed Bugs have only resurfaced in the US in the past 10 years or so and in North Texas only in the past couple of years. They are not a pest that we have decades of experience with and they must be treated differently than any other we manage. So find a company that has the training and expertise to get the job done. The easiest way to do this is to find a company that is an approved Bed Bug Free Partner. To receive this accreditation the company must be trained, tested and certified by the experts at Bed Bug Central, and we are proud to be one of the few in our area to achieve that status.

How Do We Eliminate Bed Bugs?

Every infestation is different. We start with a thorough investigation that will help us develop a plan for success. You will be asked many questions and sometimes feel like you are being interrogated. We are not trying to embarrass you or judge you in any way, but we need to try to find out where the bugs are, where they came from and what efforts you have made to try to eliminate them.
We will use an integrated approach, which uses a variety of techniques. We will use Chemical applications, but will also use steam, vacuum cleaners, and other tools to provide the fastest solution without exposing you and your family to pesticides unnecessarily.

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